We are offering you high quality grey in cheap rate...For i Tel Platinum go to play store  Or for iPhone go to Apple store and type Desh dialer .It works fine in all countries including UAE,Thank you…


Desh Dialer Platinum

For Android: Search in Playstore Desh Dialer


Desh Dialer Operator Code 72660

iTel Mobile Dialer 

iTel hybrid Dialer 

Symbian :

(Before Installing the Dialer in  Nokia please change your Handset Date into 18.08.2015)



Google Play Store or Apple store - iTel Dialer mobile dialer Express 


Core4 Voip

Operator Code -72660

For All Platforms :

Symbian: http://c.core4voip.com/cmd/c57.sis

For UAE Wifi Only Android:



TP Smart Dialer 

Operator Code- 72660

Type TP Smart Dialer In Play Store / Apps Store


Silver Dialer (For UAE)

Operator code -91174

Type Silver Dialer  In Play Store / Apps Store






All Dialer Operator code is-72660,,, DEAR CLIENTS  WE HAVE i Tel Platinum, iTEL MOBILE DIALER, iTEL Platinum , CORE4voip, FOR BETTER QUALITY USE YOUR SUITABLE DIALER...Thank you

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